The National cluster of civil engineering is a cluster of independent small and small businesses, educational and research institutions with a focus on building, architecture and urban planning. These members have a number of common or related issues that NS Cluster resolves through their activities.

NS Cluster focuses primarily on:
  • improve the performance of companies involved,
  • increase the number of innovations,
  • increase employee expertise,
  • increase export, productivity,
  • attract attractive investment,
  • to support the research base,
  • to support the development of the region,
  • has a better and stronger bargaining position in pursuing the goals of its members,
  • clusters are supported by the EU Structural Funds - Cluster members can, through the cluster, become beneficiaries of funding from subsidy titles that they would not achieve as separate entities.

The main goal of NS Klastru is to develop and innovate a cluster of activities that support and improve the conditions for business in the construction industry.
The key objectives of NS Klastru is to promote R & D cooperation between firms and research organizations.
Thanks to cooperation in these areas, many constraints can overcome and gain a competitive advantage. This is a versatile partnership of companies, universities and regional institutions, which has a number of benefits for all its members. The long-term goal of NS Klastru is to ensure the competitiveness of its members even in times of unfavorable development in the construction industry.

Statutory authority:
Ing.arch.,et.Ing Jan Fridrich
Jubilejní 302/41
700 30 Ostrava - Hrabůvka
Telefon: +420 737 92 30 16
Email: info@nsklastr.com 

Cluster Management:

Cluster Manager:
Ing.arch., Et.Ing Jan Fridrich

Project Coordinators:
Mgr. Lucie Kokešová
Ing. Iva Kubíková

Financial Managers:
Ing. Kateřina Vašková
Helena Veiserová

The statutes are available for download HERE.